Reciprocators (Oscillators)

For over 40 years, Sinclair International has been offering a wide variety of paper making products. One such product line is our Shower Reciprocators (Oscillators). Designed for the tough paper machine environment, Sinclair International has a wide range of models for all your demanding showering applications.


Pneumatic piston-driven reciprocators. The ACR pneumatic reciprocator uses a combination of pressure regulation and flow control for speed adjustment.


Fixed speed electro/mechanical reciprocator. Uses a combination of constant speed motor, speed reducer and ball reversing screw to provide a speed controlled reciprocating motion. A protective bellow covers the piston shaft.


Self-contained electro/mechanical reciprocator. This unit is ball screw driven with an internal control board for stroke and speed adjustment. A protective bellows covers the piston shaft while a telescoping cover shrouds and protects the bellows (telescopic cover not shown).

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Control Board


Electro/mechanical reciprocator similar to the M-Series but with a multiple reciprocator PLC Control and simple touch screen HMI Interface. This control allows individual on-screen stroke and speed adjustment and can accept a DCS signal for automatic speed tracking. Physical reciprocator foot prints are identical to the M-Series.

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PLC Control


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