Plastic Materials


  • UHMW - Natural
  • Sinter-Press Manufacturing to ensure Consistent Profile
  • Good for Trials and Design changes


  • Excellent Performance on Felts and Wires
  • Alkaline Paper Machine Applications
  • Extended Life for Suction Box Covers
  • Increased Wear Factor to Standard Poly


  • Improved Cross Machine Profile
  • Increased Dewatering
  • Superior Wear Resistance on Foils, Suction Boxes, Covers, Pick Up Shoes
  • Highest Wear Factor


  • Silica Added for Extended Wear
  • Internal Lubricant- Reduced Felt and Wire Friction
  • Cross-Linked for Added Stability
  • Highest Level of Performance

CNC Precision

Sinclair Plastics produces outstanding quality products thanks to the speed and precision of the Thermwood CNC. All of our work is meticulously engineered and produced to exacting specifications in a time sensitive manner. Each project is repeatable down to the smallest detail.